Hike and fly paragliding on Mount Rinjani Lombok

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Paragliding Tandem sport to train your adrenaline

Enjoy mountain range like hills, Mount Rinjani, green fields, and Segara Anak Lake.

It’s will give you the best and unforgettable experience vacation in Lombok

Activity Description

Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in Sumatra, is one of the most beautiful mountains in Indonesia and a favorite hiking destination for international tourists. In addition to hiking, Mount Rinjani also offers paragliding, an amazing experience from a height of 3,726 meters above sea level.

We offer paragliding activities from the summit of Mount Rinjani, which presents spectacular natural scenery with the backdrop of the towering mountain and the vast savanna forest on the eastern side of Mount Rinjani. Enjoying the view from the mountain summit is common among Rinjani hikers. However, experiencing the beauty of a paragliding parachute will provide a different and unforgettable sensation.

This new package of hiking and paragliding is a breakthrough on Mount Rinjani. This activity can only be done by professionals with an intermediate license due to the challenging terrain and the take-off location, which differ from typical paragliding sites.

For those who enjoy high-altitude sports, paragliding from such a height with beautiful views is a dream come true. Especially flying over Mount Rinjani, known for its stunning beauty, with exotic views ranging from the summit of Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake, to the savanna forest.

We invite you to experience this extraordinary adventure and enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia from a different perspective. Don't miss the opportunity to paraglide from the summit of Mount Rinjani and create unforgettable memories.

Requirements for Pilots to Fly from the Summit of Mount Rinjani:

  • Hold a Pilot License Level 2
  • Have more than 120 flight hours.
  • Have been actively flying for at least the past 2 months.
  • No history of heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Sign the flight declaration form.

These requirements ensure the safety and preparedness of pilots due to the challenging terrain and unique conditions of the take-off location at Mount Rinjani.


Arrival Day

Our team will pick you up at your arrival point and transfer you to Sembalun Village. Upon arrival in Sembalun, you will check in at the hotel and rest. If you arrive early, there will be an afternoon briefing about the landing site by the local pilot team. If you arrive in the evening, the briefing will take place the next morning before the hike begins.

Day Two

Wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and get ready to start the hike. Before the hike, participants will undergo a medical check at the National Park Resort Office. After that, the journey continues in an open-top vehicle. If you use a motorcycle taxi (ojek), you will be dropped off at Bukit Telu, and if not, you will be taken to the ojek station in Sajang Village. Using an ojek will save you around 4 hours of walking.

Meet the team at Post 2, and then continue the hike to Pelawangan Sembalun. The hike from Post 2 to Pelawangan takes about 5 hours. You are expected to arrive between 2 and 3 p.m.

Upon arrival at Pelawangan, enjoy hot coffee or tea with fried bananas. Afterward, rest while enjoying the view from Pelawangan Sembalun.

Dinner will be served between 6-7 PM. After dinner, rest to recover energy for the climb to the summit of Mount Rinjani the next day.

Day Three

Wake up around 2 AM, have breakfast, and start the climb to the summit of Mount Rinjani. The normal time to reach the summit is 2.5–3 hours, but it can take 3.5–5 hours if you are slow.

Parachutes and other equipment will be carried by porters, so you won't be burdened during the climb. Paragliding is not done directly from the summit of Mount Rinjani but from a location called Letter E, a point before reaching the summit. This location was chosen because it is the safest for paragliding take-off.

If the weather is favorable, meaning it is not foggy, and the wind direction and speed are suitable, paragliding takeoff can proceed. However, if the weather is unfavorable, the team and pilots will return to the campsite at Pelawangan Sembalun. The flight will then be rescheduled for day three.

Day Four

Wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and start the hike to the summit of Mount Rinjani. Once at the take-off location, preparations will be made, and paragliding take-off will commence.

If the weather is not supportive and it is not possible to fly, the team and pilots will return to the campsite. Upon arrival at Pelawangan, have breakfast and prepare to descend to Sembalun. You are expected to arrive in Sembalun around 3 PM, where a driver will pick you up at Bukit 3 or Kandang Sapi Trail. Afterward, you will be transferred to your next destination around Lombok.

Tandem Paragliding from Rinjani summit
paragliding from summit Rinjani

How do you book?

  • Please fill in your details in the booking form.
  • Pay a deposit of 30%.
  • You can make the payment using PayPal, TransferWise, or a bank transfer.

Note: PayPal transfer fees of 4.5% are borne by the customer.


  • Transportation pick-up and drop-off at the airport or other locations around Lombok.
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Sembalun.
  • TNGR (Gunung Rinjani National Park) entry permit.
  • National Park tickets.
  • Local pilot.
  • Porter services.
  • Meals during the hike.
  • Cooking equipment.
  • Tent.
  • Mattress.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Insurance.
  • Medical check-up.


  • GoPro camera.
  • Flying equipment.
  • Personal needs.

Lombok Paragliding is responsible for evacuating insurance as long as it involves trekking activities, but not for your travel or health insurance or for any claims associated with any event covered by the insurance policy.

You are responsible for:

Adequate and valid travel insurance is compulsory and mandatory for all travelers who are going to participate in any of our adventure and recreational activities, i.e., mountain biking, trekking, climbing, etc.

We recommend a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers repatriation and evacuation in case of a medical emergency, cancellation, and curtailment, as well as baggage and valuables.

And must cover again personal accidents, medical expenses, emergency repatriation, personal liability, and emergency air ambulance/helicopter rescue services.

We will ask and remind you about your insurance policy during your booking with us.
Before your departure from the trip, our tour leader will ask and need to see your insurance policy.

Please ensure you have your policy number and emergency telephone number for your insurance company. You are responsible for checking the policy and coverage yourself.

Lombok Paragliding is responsible for and provides for these items:

Equipment: tent, sleeping bag, cook gear, mattress, emergency lamp, toilet tent, and matches. Food and water are mentioned on the itinerary.

Personal Essential Documents and Items You Have to Carry:

Lombok Paragliding is not responsible for your personal documents or items.
Items you are carrying depend on the type of activities in the "Programs.”.
Here is a list of some personal essential documents and items:

Documents that are compulsory and mandatory:

Passport with a minimum 6-month validity.
Travel and health insurance.
Emergency contact numbers.

Other important items:

Blood type card and allergic.
Prescriptions for any or specific medication.
International driving license (optional).
Spare a photo ID and important scans and documents on Dropbox (optional).
Credit cards and small amounts of cash.


Lightweight long-sleeve trekking shirts, long-sleeve cotton t-shirts, windproof jackets, waterproof trekking pants,
shirt and trousers easy to dry, a rain jacket, rain pants, and gloves.


Lightweight trekking shoes, lightweight walking shoes, socks, and trek poles.


Complete First Aid Kit, water purification tablets or drops, iodine pills, diarrheal stopper (Imodium), other medicine like antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin), moleskin (for blisters), insect repellent, sun lotion protectionary-hydration solution sachet, antiseptic cream, lip balm, antihistamine (bites, allergic reactions), Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory, pain relief), and some others.

Personal items:

Water bottles, quick-dry towel energy snacks, toiletries, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, biological soap, shampoo,
sunhat, sunglasses, earplugs, maps, and feminine items.


Mobile phone, MP3, earphone, spare batteries, power bank, camera, video, extra memory cards, binoculars, compass, headlamp, flashlight with good durability, personal locator beacon (PLB).

Little things:

Cloths, string and hooks, books, notes, and pens.


Dry bag, day pack, and recycle plastic bags.

For more information on Sembalun Trekking or to book this tour package, please contact us.

Clients Love!

One of the best experiences in Lombok was to feel Kuta from above. If you're lucky, you might try sunset fly. It was all incredible and unforgettable. Mas Dodi as the leader and Mas Tomi as a pilot were so informative, friendly, and reliable. A recommended team to guide you in Kuta Lombok and a must-try experience. Would like to try it again someday!

~ Anastasia A

Highly recommended for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies! Affordable and reasonable rates for an exciting experience up above. Paragliding tandem pilots are experienced, friendly and very accommodating. Safe, simple and spectacular views of the beach and coastal areas. For mountain lovers, also possible to request for paragliding sessions in the green hills of Sembalun

~ Emelda Jumari


nice experience..we can play paragliding really from the edge. so fun and not too expensive, completely safe. and is one of the best places here for paragliding lover. and one again pilot very professional. Thank you❤️

~ Aqila Khansa Gassania

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